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yogurt parfait in stemmed glass with spoon on a plate with berries and original blend granola



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chef-driven recipes  | gluten-free  |  organic & non-gmo ingredients  |  naturally sweetened  |  no preservatives

Original Blend



Gluten-free  |  Dairy-free  |  Soy-free

 2023 sofi™ Gold Product Award Winner

2022 SHELFIE Winner, Start Up CPG

kale sweet potato blueberry salad with original blend granola and a bag of original blend granola with a blue and white striped towel and brown wooden serving utensils

OMG!!!! It is one of the best tasting foods I've ever had! Crunchy, sweet, salty, flavorful greatness!! I'm hooked!  

Thank you!

— John B.

kitchen sink cookies with smoky pineapple granola on wire cooling rack with a small bowl of dried pineapple

I eat at least one bag of granola a week. This stuff is way better than anything you find on the shelf in stores. Try it, you will love it.” 

— George W.

chocolate chile bread pudding with a caramel drizzle with a bag of chocolate chile granola next to it

“A-MAZING!!! Perfect blend of sweet, and crunch! Delicious flavor in every bite! Can’t get enough!” 

— Lara D.

banana almond butter smoothie bowl with bananas, kiwi, raspberries, almond butter, coconut flakes and smoky pineapple granola with a bag of smoky pineapple granola next to it



about it."

— Anne S.

banana almond butter smoothie bowl with mixed berries, cranberry seeds, almond butter and cranberry spice granola with a bag of cranberry spice granola next to it

“I absolutely LOVE this granola! You can put it in yogurt, salads, or eat it by itself. I love  that this granola is healthier than most oat-based alternatives.”

— Sara S. 

Our (no-oat) buckwheat granola brings flavor indulgence and
nutrient-rich ingredients to your everyday granola.


  gluten-free  |  soy-free & dairy-free options  |  organic & non-gmo ingredients  |  vegan options  

why buckwheat?


Buckwheat is the first and foundational ingredient of all our granola varieties. When slowly toasted, buckwheat takes on a nutty flavor and awesome texture.


  • Gluten-free

  • Complete plant based protein

  • Great source of vitamins & minerals

  • High in fiber

  • Low on the glycemic scale​ for sustained energy


Buckwheat is a a superstar for sustainable agriculture. This hard working seed releases otherwise unavailable nutrients into the soil for future crop support. It thrives in low fertilized soils, requires minimal water, and is a favorite source of nectar and pollen for bees.

kale sweet potato blueberry chickpea salad recipe using For Good Granola original blend
founder and chef of For Good Granola with her superhero daughters, Langley and Boelyn

crafted for good.

FOR GOOD mission

Founded with the mission to craft great tasting food for the purpose of doing good.​ For Good Granola gives to organizations that elevate kids and adults with disabilities.


"My daughters have grown and thrived with the support of organizations that encourage inclusion and participation in their community and schools."

Kiley Fields

Mom to Langley and Boelyn...

and founder of For Good Granola

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