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For Good Granola brings flavor indulgence and nutrient-rich ingredients to your granola.

"Food should nourish your body, soul, and without a doubt...your tastebuds," says Kiley Fields, founder of For Good Granola.

As a chef, Kiley prioritizes flavor and texture. She is passionate about optimizing flavor affinities, ingredient layering, and the balance of heat and technique. Inspired by culture, cuisine, and spices from around the world, we combine purposeful nutrient packed ingredients and unique unexpected flavors in every chef-driven For Good Granola variety we create. Always with the goal of bringing better flavor to your granola. 

Our passion for nourishing goes beyond just food. We were founded with the mission to craft great tasting food for the purpose of doing good. For Good Granola gives to organizations and supports programs that encourage, empower, and elevate kids and adults with disabilities and the families and caregivers who champion them. 

This is a cause incredibly important to our founder who is a mom to two superhero daughters who live with significant disabilities. "I have seen my daughters grow and thrive with the support of organizations that encourage inclusion and participation in their community and schools."

We are crafted for good. Learn more about our FOR GOOD partners.
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We are raising the bar on doing good with your help. With every bag of granola you purchase, you help us do good.

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