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Happy Granola-versary to Us!

And buy you did. Thanks a ton…no really…you bought over a TON of granola (2,313 pounds to be exact).

More importantly, with that TON of granola, you helped us fulfill our FOR GOOD mission, supporting 5 different non-profit organizations that encourage, empower, and elevate kids and adults with disabilities.

There have been and will continue to be learnings along the way. We have learned that the power of social media is strong, but that customer interactions still prevail…and pandemic induced ingredient shortages are real but won’t last forever.

Thank you to our retail partners for their ongoing words of wisdom and willingness to “put us on the shelf” even when we had our training wheels on.

Thank you to our industry peers and friends who were and continue to be sounding boards and provide resources, insights, and guidance.

And most of all, thank you to anyone who bought a bag of Original Blend, joined the cult following of Smoky Pineapple, made an apple butter tart with Cranberry Spice, gifted our Chocolate Chile to a friend far away, or sent all four varieties to a client in another state. No matter how you shared, liked, ate or embraced the For Good Granola LOVE, we thank you.

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